Junior Membership

A Junior Member is a DAR member between 18 and 35 years of age (until her 36th birthday). She holds full membership in the National Society, State Society, and chapter, and when qualified, may serve as an officer and chairman at all levels.

Junior Members join the DAR for a variety of diverse reasons. Often they join with a mother, grandmother, or aunt. North Carolina's Junior Members are students, teachers, mothers, lawyers, authors, accountants, and professionals in their communities. Although these young women are busy, they still find time to contribute to the DAR.

The goals of Junior Membership are to gain new junior members; to build a well-informed Junior Membership; to encourage active participation in all phases of DAR service; and to support the National Junior Membership Committee's official fund-raising project - the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund.

The Junior Membership Committee offers a "dinner club" social outing twice a year for junior members with jobs or families that are unable to attend regular chapter meetings.

Other goals include: